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Recent Carhartt Product Reviews

Yeti YRAMCOL ColsterYeti Colster (#YRAMCOL)

Reviewer: WIP0104, Location: Osage Beach, MO, Occupation: Home Builder
Shouldn't be surprised but I am
Knowing Yeti's reputation I thought this would be a good improvement over traditional Koozies...The colster is unbelievably better! I put my favorite canned adult beverage in it, took a couple of sips, set it down and began to do some work on my boat. Went back to it 30 minutes later (long time for me) and it was still amazingly cold in 90 plus degree heat and remained so down to the last sip! Tried it with bottled beverage (very cool that the colster securely handles both containers) and it was only slightly less effective, probably due to the greater exposure. Great design, superb construction, pricey but highly recommended.
Yeti YR20 Roadie 20 CoolerYeti Roadie 20 Cooler (#YR20)

Reviewer: John44, Location: Vacaville CA, Occupation: Registered Nurse, Retired
The Roadie 20 Cooler is a great product! Happy with it.
The Roadie 20 Cooler fits my needs and keeps things cold for an extended period of time. Have had it in the trunk of the car in 105 degree heat and the it seems unafected. The ice didn't melt faster like it does in our other ice chests. Having a drain plug is convenient, saves having to unpack the chest to pour the water out. The workmanship is excellent and will last me a long time. Sort of like getting a new Corvette, everyone wants to touch it. :))It was a good investment!
Yeti YRAMCOL ColsterYeti Colster (#YRAMCOL)

Reviewer: Flintstone, Location: Southern Illinois, Occupation: Olmsted Lock & Dam Project Worker
Very High
I have 2 colsters and the last drink is as cold as the first. I also have two Roadie 20 coolers, one Tundra 50 cooler, two 30 oz & one 20oz Rambler Stainless Steel. They are all great products. I would recommend them if you want to save on buying ice !
Yeti YT65 Tundra 65 CoolerYeti Tundra 65 Cooler (#YT65)

Reviewer: CC420, Location: Salt Lake City, UT, Occupation: Retired
I was skeptical about spending $400 for a cooler, but I am glad I did. With the right mix of cubed and block ice I am able to keep my contents cold and safe.
Yeti YRAMCOL ColsterYeti Colster (#YRAMCOL)

Reviewer: Baker54, Location: N.C., Occupation: Business Development Manager
The quality is remarkable
I have given 8 of these as gifts and kept one for myself. The quality is unbelieveable. Keeps your canned or bottled drinks cold for hours even on the beach with the heat and humidity reaching over 100 degrees. I would recommend this item to anyone.
Yeti YS30 30 oz Stainless Steel RamblerYeti 30 oz Stainless Steel Rambler (#YS30)

Reviewer: coolerman, Location: San Antonio, Texas, Occupation: Millwork
I Had my doubts
I had my doubts rather or not the rambler 30 would hold ice for my drinks. Being in the hot Texas summer months I can attest that the rambler works. I put ice in it in the morning and it last until about 3pm with numerous drinks added during the day. It really does keep drinks cold.
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