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Best Gear For Cold Weather

Customers who find themselves in the coldest of climates, often will simply just ask us “What is the warmest item you have?” in popular product categories like jackets, bibs or gloves. Usually this means there’s no time for this customer to price shop or worry about how it looks for a night on the town, they just need the warmest gear for cold weather they can get and they need it now. When that’s the case, we have a few favorites that we immediately know to recommend.


There really are only 2 types of options – Carhartt Extremes or Carhartt’s new Kalkaska Down. Both are going to keep you warm, there is no doubt about that, but we need to take a little closer look at some of the features to determine which would work best.

The Extremes is the typical Carhartt – rugged and durable. Worried about snagging it while cutting down trees? Well, that’s not going to happen very easily as its Cordura® Nylon shell can hold up to just about anything. The J133 is the hooded version of this, while the C55 does not have a hood.

Kalkaska is a different type of product altogether and the “down” line is pretty new to the Carhartt product line. These are the warmest of the warm, but could be prone to snags if you are wearing it in those types of conditions.


Extremes would once again be what we would recommend. It is made in both an Overall and a Coverall and will hold up to the elements. There was a Kalkaska that we did recommend as well, but it has since been discontinued by Carhartt.


Carhartt Wetzel Hat, hands down. Our description says it all – “The warmth of this hat will make your body heat shutter at the thought of even attempting to escape through your head.”


There are a lot of options for gloves, but when it comes down to the warmest you definitely want to go with the Carhartt Systems Glove. It is insulated, durable and everything else you need to keep you hands warm in the elements.

There you have it, the warmest of the warm. There are many, many options that you can go with, but for the most extreme conditions, you probably want to stick to the list above.


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