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Maintaining Your Leather Work Boots


Wolverine Boot

Whether you are wanting to proactively maintain your new Boots, or you are wanting to squeeze a little more life out of the trusty boots you have been wearing for a while, we’ve listed some of the top boot care tips that can help you in either situation.

Some simple maintenance can help prolong the life of your boots drastically. Whether you wear your boots out hiking or get them dirty on the job site, there are a number of steps that are recommended to ensure that you get the longest life possible out of your boot.

Beyond just a simple wipe-down that you should do on a regular basis, here are some steps you should follow to really get your boot clean:

  • Remove the boot laces to ensure you will be able to completely condition all areas of the boot.
  • Rub the entire boot with a damp cloth to remove all the dirt and grime from the outside of the leather upper and sole, then let it dry. Do not use any kind of soap as that will dry the leather out.
  • Use a wire or bristle brush to remove any excess dirt from the edges.
  • Use boot polish if you want to try to get some color back in to the leather.
  • Condition the leather upper and sole of your boot with leather conditioner or shoe cream. DO NOT use a silicone or alcohol based conditioner as it dries out the leather. Apply it with your hand or a cloth making sure to cover every part of the boot. Let it dry and then wipe it off or buff.
  • You may want to consider using a sole edge sealer to treat the edges and seal it for further wear.
  • When your boot is dry, wipe it clean and then brush it with a hairbrush to remove excess material and bring out its natural oils.

You may also want to consider the use of water repellant. When washing your boots and the water no longer beads up, we recommend re-treating your boots with a water repellant to restore the boots water resistance.

A great boot care demonstration can be seen on this video from Wolverine – http://vimeo.com/25866509

Hope this helps you take care of your new or old Boots!

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