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Carhartt Black Friday Sale at Dungarees

It’s that time of year again. Black Friday starts the shopping season when thousands of customers show up at the Dungarees.net online doorstep to get the best savings on Carhartt and other workwear brands. This year, we want to provide you not only with the best savings, but the best service and delivery possible.

What you can expect from Dungarees

This holiday season we have marked over 200 Carhartt styles down close to 50% off. Most of these styles are overstocked and are guaranteed to be in-stock, meaning there is a good chance that your order will be shipped out and on it’s way to your stocking the same day. And we are sure to have other specials to for our loyal followers, so be sure you are subscribed to our email list or follow one of our social networks.

Highlights of the Sale

As always, we have a few key items and categories that are the best deals.

Carhartt Manchester Jacket @ $34.98

Carhartt Manchester Jacket

This is a great lightweight, water-repellent jacket that could be useful in a lot of situations. Great for when the weather is starting to cool down or if there is some rain in the forecast. We’ve never offered a jacket at this low of a price. Ever.
Check the Manchester Jacket out here.

Carhartt Ketchikan Jacket @ $64.98

Carhartt Ketchikan Jacket

The Carhartt Ketchikan Jacket brings technology to a new meaning. 100% cotton canvas with a waterproof and breathable membrane. You will stay dry all day wearing this jacket, we guarantee it.
Check the Ketchikan Jacket out here.

Carhartt Button-Ups Starting @ $13.98

Carhartt Button-Up Shirts

We have a huge selection of long and short-sleeve button up shirts. Both solids and plaids are available. We are wanting to move these this year, so take advantage and stock up!
Check out all the shirts here.

Carhartt T-Shirts Starting @ $9.98

Carhartt Button-Up Shirts

Lots and lots of t-shirts, especially graphic tees. If you are a wearer of t-shirts (who isn’t), it’s worth your time to browse through these styles at very low prices.
Check out all the t-shirts here.

The Shipping’s On Us Over $55

That’s right, any purchase with us over $55 will include free shipping. With so much selection, it’s pretty easy to hit that mark.

90-Day Return Policy

We know people get a little weary about returns, especially when buying gifts, but there’s nothing to worry about when buying from Dungarees. We have a lenient return policy which allows our customers to return within 90 days of the purchase. So even if you buy on Black Friday and wait until Christmas to give the gift, they’ll still have 2 months to decide if they need to return!

So what are you waiting for? Check out all the deals on our Carhartt Black Friday Sale at Dungarees.


    • Darren

      Hey Isaac – the only items we are allowed to mark down are items Carhartt has discontinued. There wasn’t much selection in the way of pants, just a couple styles that we had broken sizes of, so we felt it would be more frustrating to customers if we put those on there. You might look for giveaways we will probably offer sometime after Cyber Monday, but there probably won’t be any actual price changes on any pants. Make sure you are on our email list or follow our social channels to get first access to any giveaways.

  1. Ray

    I really like all the clothing Carhartt Makes but the cost to send to Australia is a bit high. If it could be a bit cheaper it would make a huge difference.

    • Darren

      Mario, yes you will also find these items in our clearance section. However, almost all the items on the Black Friday Sale were just marked down specifically for this sale.

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