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Carhartt Outerwear Lining Guide

We get a lot of questions about the many different linings that Carhartt offers in their outerwear, and we’ll admit that some of the terminology can be rather confusing. For instance, most would think that ‘Thermal’ would be one of the warmest linings, but it is actually one of the lighter ones.

Check out the image below to see the linings listed in order from lightest to warmest. Hope this helps solve some issues, if not let us know and our customer service will be glad to help you out.



  1. Steve

    What is the weight of the insulation in the Arctic Quilt lining? (looking for an ounce/Sq Ft number for comparison to other coats).

    • Darren

      Unfortunately, Carhartt does not provide that data for their linings. You might be able to get that info by calling Carhartt directly – 1-800-833-3118

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