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How to Choose Carhartt Sweatshirts

Carhartt Sweatshirts

When purchasing Carhartt Sweatshirts online, it’s difficult to know exactly what you’re going to receive. With so many different features and options, many questions often arise. This guide is meant to answer some of those questions and explain all of the options available to help you order the perfect sweatshirt the first time.


The weight of a Carhartt sweatshirt refers to the outer material. Carhartt makes sweatshirts in durable midweight and heavyweight material. Midweight sweatshirts are made with 10.5-ounce fabric while heavyweight sweatshirts are made from 12-ounce or 13-ounce fabric. Buying a heavyweight sweatshirt does not necessarily mean that it will be warmer than a midweight sweatshirt. For example, a midweight sweatshirt with a quilt lining will be more warmer than an unlined heavyweight sweatshirt.


Carhartt offers three different linings for their sweatshirts, thermal-lined, sherpa-lined and quilt-lined.

Thermal-Lined – The thermal lining is the least warm of these three linings. It is great for colder fall days or layering under a coat for really cold winter days.

Quilt-Lined – Quilt-lined Carhartt sweatshirts are great mid-range sweatshirt that is perfect for spring, winter or fall.

Sherpa-Lined – Sherpa lining is made from 45% acrylic/ 55% polyester high loft fleece and has a great, soft feel. Sherpa lining is the warmest sweatshirt lining available. These sweatshirts are great for when it’s too cold for a sweatshirt but too hot for a coat.


Carhartt sweatshirts have three zipper options. Classic sweatshirts without zippers are available as well as full zip-up sweatshirts that you can leave open for airflow. The third option is a mock neck or quarter zip sweatshirt which you can zip up for added warmth or leave down for a casual, comfortable look.

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