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Customer Comments From August ’13

While we love receiving positive feedback, we find that usually negative feedback or questions customers ask can be more valuable for us to make our site experience better. We want to make sure we are addressing as many of these customer concerns as possible, so we’re going to start regularly taking comments that were made during our checkout survey and address them here. Let’s get started.

Customer Comment: On the boot section it would be nice to look for boots by size. Having size 15 it was frustrating having to click many different boots to find that the were not big enough. I would have ordered boot today but gave up.
Dungarees Response: We completely agree and that should be a feature that is implemented in the next few weeks. We had a site re-design in late spring and this functionality did not get put back in, but just like being able to filter size in the rest of our clothing, footwear is equally important.

Customer Comment: What is a Dungaree fit? Or any other fit? How would I know? A few days ago I came on and a pant that I had ordered before was on sale. Now it is not and I did not order it.
Dungarees Response: Dungaree Fit is the same as an Original Fit, Carhartt has recently changed some of their terminology. Here, you can read a full Carhartt Pants Selection Guide or click the image below to see a quick overview of the fits.
Carhartt Fit Guide

Regarding the sale question, we are controlled by Carhartt’s Minimum Advertised Price Policy. Every once in a while we get to run a sale, but for the most part, our pricing never changes.

Customer Comment: I understand that past size 44 and 3xtall there are not many people in those sizes so you do not stock a large volume. Hard for me to shop Big and Tall but that’s life. Nothing in life is guaranteed.
Dungarees Response: If you are not seeing it on our site, it more than likely is not made by Carhartt. We try to stock every size & color they make and feel that carrying those fringe sizes that no one else wants to carry is great for business.

Customer Comment: Would like to see larger sizes for women. There are quite a few of us larger women out here.
Dungarees Response: A couple years ago Carhartt actually came out with some styles that were meant only for plus-sized women, unfortunately that only lasted for a year as it apparently didn’t do too well. We do carry all the larger sizes that they do make, and we will pass that feedback along to Carhartt.

Customer Comment: You need to make it so you can use more than 1 Dungarees gift card at checkout.
Dungarees Response: Our gift card system is just a year old, we got it implemented last year after a lot of customer requests. However, our system cannot accommodate more than one gift card currently, but if more than one gift card was needed, a customer could always call in and we could run the card manually on this end.

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    I have purchased several Carhartt products from you. I stopped at your Columbia store while on a vacation trip. I live in Ontario, Canada. I would like to see FREE SHIPPING to Canada. I have a list in my shopping cart of items I would like to purchase but when the shipping is added the cost is to high.

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