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Customer Comments – March 21

Here is a quick list of comments or questions that customers submitted from the past couple weeks.

1. I’d like to see more comments about the comfort of boots on your site, it would help with my decision.

We agree, there is no better information than when it comes directly from the customers who purchased them. We definitely encourage our customers to write reviews after they have made a purchase with us to help make the user experience better for all.

2. I love Carhartt, I just need to remember that Carhartt coats run a little larger than most other companies.

We’ve seen that to be pretty true as well. It’s not always like that with every Carhartt coat, but you can definitely get a feel for how it runs by reading previous customer reviews on our product pages.

3. I couldn’t find where to enter the code for the free pair of Bogs Socks on “the last page of the checkout” so I wasn’t able to get the reward for the purchase…disappointing.

To redeem Dungarees promo codes or customer codes, you just need to enter your code in the “Customer Code” box on the last page of checkout. Just enter it in the comments if using our mobile site. Also, your socks are on the way!

4. I like that the shipping is free but would like the option of paying to get it sooner.

There are two possible reasons why you would not be provided with upgraded shipping options – either your address did not validate properly or all the items in your cart are not available to ship immediately. While we have a huge stock and prefer to fill directly out of our facility, there are times where an item might be out of stock or in route from one of our other warehouses. In that case, we cannot offer upgraded shipping options.

5. A saved item list for future purchases would be nice. Or a favorites page for future purchases. Zoom images should really be larger. Just a bit bigger doesn’t really qualify as “zoom”.

We agree on all of your suggestions and we are working towards all of them in the near future, especially the product zoom.


  1. ron watts

    Can’t find a Carhartt store here that carries the J97 and the J001. For that reason i am writing to you. What are the sleeve lengths on the XL J97 & the L J97. Also the L J001 & XL J001. I don’t want to order one and have to send it back. Everybody says they run larger than normal. Your advice would help, i measured another jacket i have and the sleeve lenght from under the arm pit to end of cuff is 23 inches, my chest is 43. Thanks for your help.ron

    • Darren

      Hey Ron, we measured those jackets for you. Here are the measurements:

      J97-XLG: 20″
      J97-LRG: 19.5″
      J001-XLG: 19.5″
      J001-LRG: 19″

      Hope this helps.

  2. Grant Loewen

    I have bought a lot of B11work pants they are very comfortable and durable but there seems to be a problem with sizing staying consistent,the first few were great them the pants seemed to be baggy for some reason is this a problem.I dont want to order two sizes smaller and wait all that time and then they dont fit.Hope to hear from you i order a lot of workwear through you and the quality is great.Thank You

    • Shayna

      We’re sorry to hear that you are having sizing issues. Carhartt has not changed their specs for the B11 pants, it may be that the pants you received were tagged incorrectly. There is definitely a few measures we can take to prevent this from happening in the future. Please feel free to contact us and we can discuss your problems more specifically and what we can do to fix them.

  3. rick noonan

    I used to think the pocket tees were the best shirts money could buy. I purchased 5 shirts for my business 6 months ago and my old shirts look better than the new ones. I will not purchase carhart pocket tees again very disappointed in the quality.

    • Darren


      Sorry to hear this Rick. The pocket tee you ordered is on the lighter side. You might be better off with a K87 or even the new Force pocket tees. I’m not a huge fan of the light-weight ones unless it is a Force, you will probably see a little bit more durability with either of those other shirts.

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