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Customer Comments – Nov 26

Here is a quick list of comments or questions that customers submitted from the past couple weeks.

Customer Comment: I would like the dollar amount to be lower to get free shipping and get coupons.
Dungarees Response: We try to be as aggressive as we can with the free shipping minimum, which is lower than a lot of our non-Amazon competitors. We do offer a lot of coupons and promo codes, be sure to sign up for our email list and follow our social networks.

Customer Comment: In the past Dungarees.net carried a larger selection of Carhartt Sweatshirts. I just wish that there was a larger selection. I always come back to Dungarees.net because they have always provided me with great service at a great price.
Dungarees Response: We do carry every sweatshirt that Carhartt makes. They have narrowed their line a bit recently, we will be sure to pass the feedback along and hope a better selection comes in the future.

Customer Comment: Let us know of back orders in advance, as opposed to after the order.
Dungarees Response: We do get daily inventory feeds from our vendors which tells us stock and back order dates, which we do use just in case we happen to be out of stock. They are usually fairly accurate and will display when an item is added, on the cart page and on the confirmation. Every once in a while we will sell an item that shows available and by the time we process the order, it has gone into backorder status. We try to stock these items in-house in the first place to help with these issues.

Customer Comment: My Citi Cards were rejected due to mismatch in billing address, which I confirmed multiple times. Finally had to use a bank credit card for purchase.
Dungarees Response: We recently upgraded to a different payment system and there was about a 3 day window where we had a couple hiccups, one of which was dealing with the much stricter address verification system. All issues are resolved now.

Customer Comment: I could not find the continue shopping button after entering each item.
Dungarees Response: There presently really isn’t one, but you can get to any category with one click by using the drop-down menu across the top.


  1. Bob Garveson

    I wanted to place a order for Tuesday / 150. Plus for the free duffle bag I am at 161. Plus it will not take the promo code?

  2. michael

    a short while back there was an offer of a messenger bag or satchel with a minimum purchase of $150. is this item available for purchase or will it be offered again any time soon?

  3. Wayne Henderson

    I was very disappointed in the quality of the material that the t shirts were made of compared to the same style number that I had ordered earlier this year. The first ones made in Haiti were heavier then the ones I just received that were made in Mexico and Honduras. As I ordered the heavy material T shirts style #[K87]

    • Darren

      Every once in a while some cuts of fabric might be heavier or thicker than others. It’s not necessarily country specific. If you feel you have a defect, please let us know.

  4. John

    I buy your B171 jeans, it’s posted as out of stock. Any idea when you’ll get them back in? Would style B237 be a close replacement?

    • Darren

      The B171’s are closed out, so they probably will never be back in stock. The B237’s are pretty comparable, they might be a little looser of a fit.

  5. Bob

    On your site you tell how to wax your Carhartt jacket to waterproof it. Twice you say to heat your Filson’s wax until it’s completely solidified! I think you mean liquified!

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