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Customer Comments – October 29th

Here is a quick list of comments or questions that customers submitted from the past week.

Customer Comment: When choosing the color of the item I purchased, I’m playing a guessing game. The description of the colors aren’t clear. I chose a color that the site calls “fatigue”, but the screen shows a gray color. Hope I get the color I want.
Dungarees Response: While the goal is to always have these as consistent as possible, the best bet if they do differ is to look at the product picture itself instead of the swatch.

Customer Comment: Would like too have more zoom to see items.
Dungarees Response: This is a feature we would like to have implemented on our site in 2014.

Customer Comment: Would have been more impressed if you carried more short inseam jeans. We are not all globe-trotters.
Dungarees Response: Trust us, we are doing everything we can to carry some of the short & tall uncommon sizes. We know there are a lot of customers who depend on us to carry those, and we have passed that feedback to Carhartt to hopefully keep a lot of those sizes in production.

Customer Comment: I buy these boots for my husband once a year & wish I had an additional coupon code to use.
Dungarees Response: We post all of our codes and promotions on our social networks as well as send them out to our entire email list. Just make sure you check those places or are on our list.

Customer Comment: I wish you guys would provide free return shipping labels as clothes shopping online is very difficult. Maybe a one time “try it free” program or something like that to discourage tire kickers but let people like me who bought different styles (and plan on returning one I don’t like) buy even more to try out.
Dungarees Response: Unfortunately we can’t offer completely free return shipping. In this case though, one can always order as much as they want because if our provided return label is used to return, it is only a flat fee of $5.95 regardless of how much is in the package.

Customer Comment: Offer more loose fit pants. And try and reinforce the crotch area for premature failure in that area.
Dungarees Response: …Ummm…no comment. :-)


  1. Shalisa

    Do you plan to have a greater selection of camo for men? I’m trying to find a shirt in snow camo for my husband, and it’s a challenge. Haha.
    Thanks for any information!

    • Darren

      Hey Alden, we have confirmation emails that go out immediately and shipping emails that go out when the order gets a tracking #. We communicate on site an estimated time-frame as to when your order should be shipped.

  2. Kevin Power

    Got an email about the “Retire your Carhartt Coat” Contest, but the link in the email doesn’t work. Says the contest ends tomorrow. I’d LOVE to retire my coat. How can I get in on the contest?

  3. mike DeBiase

    I recently purchased 2 pair of Carhartt B17 from Amazon, they are not 15 oz. weight. Does your Carhartts have a tag that reads 15 oz. denim? These are too thin. Thank you, Mike

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