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Sandstone Duck vs. Firm Duck Material

Both, Sandstone and Duck materials, are made of 12-ounce cotton and both materials will keep you comfortable and protected during work or every day wear. So what exactly is the difference between Sandstone Duck vs. Firm Duck?

Sandstone Duck

The Sandstone Duck is pre-washed with detergent and softeners, leaving the material much softer with a “broken-in” feeling.. Because it is pre-washed, it is not the best option if you need to repel water / rain.

Firm Duck

The Firm Duck is treated specifically to provide a water repellent (not water-proof) outer shell. With this treating process, you are left with a much more rigid and stiff feeling material that will break in over time. This material will need to be treated again if you would like it to maintain it’s water repellant property.

Those are the key main functionality differences, but there are also visual differences as well. The sandstone usually comes out a little browner while the Firm tends to have more of a yellow tint to it. See the graphic below for a representation of the two materials next to each other.

Carhartt Sandstone vs Firm Duck


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  2. Bret Whitley

    I agree with Steven Hulsey. I too have been wearing Carhartt Sandstone for years, 3 coats and 2 vests, I can’t wear them out. With great sadness and disappointment I was unable to find a J97 in burgundy.

    Regards, Bret

    • Shayna

      Unfortunately we do not have a lot of say in the color selection that Carhartt provides. We will pass your comments along to Carhartt but you may also try leaving a review directly with them.

  3. dave

    with demand for carhartt sandstone r06 dark brown you would think carhartt would ramp up production to get these in peoples hands

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