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Weekly Customer Comments

Here is a quick list of comments or questions that customers submitted from the past week.

Customer Comment: I think if you are going to take my time and force me to do your survey you owe me a discount or coupon.
Dungarees Response: We do offer a survey option on the confirmation screen after your order has already been submitted, it is definitely not required to fill out. We love to give out discounts and coupons, just make sure to subscribe to our email list or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Customer Comment: There just doesn’t seem to be enough large size clothes women’s pants or shirts.
Dungarees Response: We hear this a lot and pass the feedback on to Carhartt. We do carry every size available, hopefully in the near future they will expand their women’s line to include a better range of sizes.

Customer Comment: It never said where to put the Dungarees promo code if i was wanting the free wallet.
Dungarees Response: Whenever we do a promotion, the promo code always needs to be entered into the ‘Customer Code’ box on the last page of checkout.

Customer Comment: My first online order was sized wrong on site stating XL was 18-20, but the shirt that arrived was XL-14, obviously smaller than expected.
Dungarees Response: Some of the kids sizing is tricky, since the XL for boys is 18-20, but for girls it is 14. This product got matched up to the wrong size, and in that case we would handle any kind of return shipping and rush the correct one out to you, while also correcting the mistake on our site going forward.

Customer Comment: The problem is that one item was on back order and I was still charged for it, though it won’t be shipped until December.
Dungarees Response: All our orders are charged real-time when the order is placed since we do ship a majority of our orders the same day. In the case of extended back orders, we often time offer the option to refund the customer while we wait for the item to arrive and then rebill the card when we ship it out.

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