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Weekly Customer Comments

Here is a quick list of comments or questions that customers submitted from the past week.

Customer Comment: Wish it were easier to find Carhartt sizing info.
Dungarees Response: We try to put as much sizing info as we can on the site. The easiest way to see the size charts would be by clicking the ‘Size Chart’ tab at the bottom of any product page.

Customer Comment: It would be nice to see a better sock selection like hot weather light-weight wicking and light-weight winter wicking socks.
Dungarees Response: We’ll definitely pass that along to Carhartt. Carhartt socks have been improving their line each and every year, so continue to check the line and hopefully they’ll be releasing the style you need soon.

Customer Comment: Would like to see a better selection of boots like maybe LaCrosse boots and maybe boot inserts.
Dungarees Response: We’ve been adding a couple lines of work boots almost every year. LaCrosse is on our radar for sure.

Customer Comment: Your promo code items and the sizes of your discontinued items is very limited.
Dungarees Response: We’ve recently received some brand new promo items that you should see offered this fall. As for discontinued items, once some of the core sizes sell out, it does give the section a ‘limited’ feel. We try to price these styles with limited sizing as aggressively as possible to get them out our door and off the site.

Customer Comment: I wish their was more products in my husbands size, which is 31×28. I have to buy him 32×28, which is a little big. It gets costly to get pants re-hemmed.
Dungarees Response: We’ll pass the feedback onto Carhartt. They used to carry size 31, 33 & 35 widths pretty regularly, but have phased some of them out. We love being able to offer these fringe sizes, so hopefully they will bring them back!


  1. Shalisa

    Just a quick comment to say thank you for your superior customer service and outstanding quality. My husband has decided to change his entire wardrobe to Carhartt and we utilize your website frequently for the great deals, wide selection, and the timely shipping! Many thanks!

    • Darren

      John R,
      I will pass the feedback along. I’m guess Carhartt has just found that most people that like a Dungaree fit also want looser-fitting legs.

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