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Weekly Customer Comments

Here is a quick list of comments or questions that customers submitted from the past week.

Customer Comment: I wish you would offer front and rear views of garments.
Dungarees Response: Most of the product photos come directly from our the manufacturers and we are currently adding in-house pictures with additional angles of various products.

Customer Comment: I just wish Dungarees return shipping was free, especially for online clothing purchases.
Dungarees Response: We definitely understand this. We do try to make returns as convenient as possible by allowing customers to print out a return label directly from our website. We charge a flat $5.95 fee for this, which is generally much cheaper than the average cost of a shipment. All Return & Exchange Shipping information can be found on our website.

Customer Comment: Could use a return to shopping designation on site’s cart page.
Dungarees Response: We will consider adding this. We have always tried to make the menus as convenient as possible so a customer can jump right to any category from any page and the items in the cart can also be clicked on to go directly back to that product.

Customer Comment: Wish that the stocking status could be determined on the web site but a quick call to Customer Service answered all of my stock questions.
Dungarees Response: Generally, if no backorder date is shown when adding an item to your cart, then the item is available to ship immediately.

Customer Comment: You keep talking about coupons, it would be nice if I received some!
Dungarees Response: The best way to get coupons would definitely be signing up for our Email List or following us on a social network such as Facebook or Twitter.

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