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Carhartt Belts for Men

Carhartt Belts are made with the same attention to detail, premium materials and quality construction as Carhartt's apparel. You can be sure that the belt you choose has been job-tested for durability.

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Carhartt 2201 Journeyman Belt

14 Review(s)
Carhartt Journeyman Belt
(Carhartt 2201)
Reg Price: $28.00
NOW: $22.99
Carhartt 2200 Jean Belt

13 Review(s)
Carhartt Jean Belt
(Carhartt 2200)
Reg Price: $32.00
NOW: $26.99
Carhartt 2203 Anvil Belt

16 Review(s)
Carhartt Anvil Belt
(Carhartt 2203)
Reg Price: $32.00
NOW: $26.99
Carhartt 2217 Logo Belt

20 Review(s)
Carhartt Logo Belt
(Carhartt 2217)
Reg Price: $32.00
NOW: $26.99
Carhartt 2202 Detroit Belt

6 Review(s)
Carhartt Detroit Belt
(Carhartt 2202)
Reg Price: $35.00
NOW: $29.99
Carhartt 2222 Bar Tacked Belt

8 Review(s)
Carhartt Bar Tacked Belt
(Carhartt 2222)
Reg Price: $35.00
NOW: $29.99
Carhartt 2228 Center Bar Reversible Belt

5 Review(s)
Carhartt Center Bar Reversible Belt
(Carhartt 2228)
Reg Price: $38.00
NOW: $29.99
Carhartt 2205 Foreman Belt

4 Review(s)
Carhartt Foreman Belt
(Carhartt 2205)
Reg Price: $32.00
NOW: $26.99
Carhartt 2204 Scratchless Belt

17 Review(s)
Carhartt Scratchless Belt
(Carhartt 2204)
Reg Price: $35.00
NOW: $29.99
Carhartt 2226-98 Realtree Belt

2 Review(s)
Carhartt Realtree Belt
(Carhartt 2226-98)
Reg Price: $35.00
NOW: $29.99
Carhartt 2247 Rider Belt
Carhartt Rider Belt
(Carhartt 2247)
Reg Price: $40.00
NOW: $32.99
Carhartt 2248 Rigger Belt
Carhartt Rigger Belt
(Carhartt 2248)
Reg Price: $38.00
NOW: $29.99
Carhartt 2226 Upland Belt
Carhartt Upland Belt
(Carhartt 2226)
Reg Price: $35.00
NOW: $29.99
Carhartt 2245 Canvas Inlay Belt
Carhartt Canvas Inlay Belt
(Carhartt 2245)
Reg Price: $38.00
NOW: $29.99
Carhartt 2238 Tank Tread Belt

1 Review(s)
Carhartt Tank Tread Belt
(Carhartt 2238)
Reg Price: $35.00
NOW: $29.99
Carhartt 2249 Mason Belt
Carhartt Mason Belt
(Carhartt 2249)
Reg Price: $36.00
NOW: $30.99
Carhartt 2221 Rancher Belt

5 Review(s)
Carhartt Rancher Belt
(Carhartt 2221)
Reg Price: $38.00
NOW: $29.99
Carhartt 2246 Blockhouse Belt
Carhartt Blockhouse Belt
(Carhartt 2246)
Reg Price: $38.00
NOW: $29.99
Carhartt 2241 Double Perf Belt Closeout

2 Review(s)
Carhartt Double Perf Belt
(Carhartt 2241)
Reg Price: $32.00
NOW: $26.99
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Recent Carhartt Men's Belts Reviews
Carhartt 2200 Jean BeltCarhartt Jean Belt (#2200)

Reviewer: LERT, Location: Puyallup, WA, Occupation: Teacher
Excellent quality thick leather belt.
I bought this belt for my husband because his belts usually fall apart quickly. This belt is made with thick, quality leather. It isn't glued together and does not have stitching that will come undone. The hardware is also made from quality metal.
Carhartt 2203 Anvil BeltCarhartt Anvil Belt (#2203)

Reviewer: Cdl221, Location: Delaware, Occupation: Warehouse
High quality
Very nice leather belt. Make sure to use the size chart it's spot on. High quality leather, looks great with jeans. The buckle color is kind of like a nickel plated black which is fine with me, looks nice. The picture of the buckle looks brighter than it really is, same color buckle for both the brown and black leather belt, I purchased both colors.
Carhartt 2200 Jean BeltCarhartt Jean Belt (#2200)

Reviewer: Mannyg2, Location: Cullowhee,NC, Occupation: Retierd
Best Belt
This is the best belt that I have ever owned I don't know who even comes close.
Carhartt 2226-98 Realtree BeltCarhartt Realtree Belt (#2226-98)

Reviewer: Tbuster, Location: Central Pa., Occupation: Retired mason
Outstanding Camo Belt
This is the only camo belt I have found that is of great quality. It is very sturdy and better than advertised it would make a very good all around belt for work or every day wear. They seem to run a size small I ordered one size larger than my pants and can still only use the last two holes. I will probably order another one a size larger for every day wear as this belt swiftly became a favorite.
Carhartt 2201 Journeyman BeltCarhartt Journeyman Belt (#2201)

Reviewer: BigCountry, Location: Colorado, Occupation: Cowboy and Ranchworker
Substantial Leather and Quality Made
This belt reminds me of belts from 20 or more years ago. It is well made and substantial. The leather is 1/8 inch thick and is capable of handling tool bags and gun holsters. Both front and back have a smooth finish. You can also switch out buckles very easily with the snap closures. I really like this belt. So much so that I intend to order another in case this one is no longer offered in the future. Carhartt manufacturers quality products. I have never been disappointed with any of their product lines.
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