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Carhartt Belts

Carhartt Belts are made with the same attention to detail, premium materials and quality construction as Carhartt's apparel. You can be sure that the belt you choose has been job-tested for durability.
Carhartt 2201 Journeyman Belt

19 Review(s)
Carhartt Journeyman Belt
(Carhartt 2201)

Reg Price: $29.99
NOW: $24.99
Carhartt 2200 Jean Belt

19 Review(s)
Carhartt Jean Belt
(Carhartt 2200)

Reg Price: $32.99
NOW: $26.99
Carhartt 2217 Logo Belt

25 Review(s)
Carhartt Logo Belt
(Carhartt 2217)

Reg Price: $32.99
NOW: $26.99
Carhartt 45002 Utility Suspender

8 Review(s)
Carhartt Utility Suspender
(Carhartt 45002)

Reg Price: $19.99
NOW: $14.99
Carhartt A09 Duck Nail Apron

34 Review(s)
Carhartt Duck Nail Apron
(Carhartt A09)

Reg Price: $21.99
NOW: $19.99
Carhartt 45001 Dungaree Suspender

9 Review(s)
Carhartt Dungaree Suspender
(Carhartt 45001)

Reg Price: $19.99
NOW: $17.99
Carhartt 2203 Anvil Belt

18 Review(s)
Carhartt Anvil Belt
(Carhartt 2203)

Reg Price: $32.99
NOW: $26.99
Carhartt 2202 Detroit Belt

8 Review(s)
Carhartt Detroit Belt
(Carhartt 2202)

Reg Price: $34.99
NOW: $29.99
Carhartt 2205 Foreman Belt

7 Review(s)
Carhartt Foreman Belt
(Carhartt 2205)

Reg Price: $32.99
NOW: $26.99
Carhartt 2247 Rider Belt
Carhartt Rider Belt
(Carhartt 2247)

Reg Price: $38.99
NOW: $32.99
Carhartt 45003 Realtree® Camo Suspenders

5 Review(s)
Carhartt Realtree® Camo Suspenders
(Carhartt 45003)

Reg Price: $24.99
NOW: $18.74
Carhartt 2204 Scratchless Belt

19 Review(s)
Carhartt Scratchless Belt
(Carhartt 2204)

Reg Price: $34.99
NOW: $29.99
Carhartt 2246 Blockhouse Belt

2 Review(s)
Carhartt Blockhouse Belt
(Carhartt 2246)

Reg Price: $38.99
NOW: $32.99
Carhartt 2245 Canvas Inlay Belt
Carhartt Canvas Inlay Belt
(Carhartt 2245)

Reg Price: $38.99
NOW: $32.99
Carhartt 2226-98 Realtree Belt

3 Review(s)
Carhartt Realtree Belt
(Carhartt 2226-98)

Reg Price: $35.00
NOW: $29.99
Carhartt 2221 Rancher Belt

7 Review(s)
Carhartt Rancher Belt
(Carhartt 2221)

Reg Price: $38.99
NOW: $32.99
Carhartt 2248 Rigger Belt
Carhartt Rigger Belt
(Carhartt 2248)

Reg Price: $38.99
NOW: $32.99
Carhartt 45004 High Visibility Suspenders

4 Review(s)
Carhartt High Visibility Suspenders
(Carhartt 45004)

Reg Price: $29.99
NOW: $24.99
Carhartt 2249 Mason Belt
Carhartt Mason Belt
(Carhartt 2249)

Reg Price: $34.99
NOW: $29.99
Carhartt 2238 Tank Tread Belt Closeout

14 Review(s)
Carhartt Tank Tread Belt
(Carhartt 2238)

Reg Price: $34.99
NOW: $9.99
Save 71%
Carhartt 2226 Upland Belt Closeout

1 Review(s)
Carhartt Upland Belt
(Carhartt 2226)

Reg Price: $35.00
NOW: $24.99
Save 29%
Recent Carhartt Men's Belts Reviews
Carhartt 45004 High Visibility SuspendersCarhartt High Visibility Suspenders (#45004)

Reviewer: chm002, Location: Illinois
used for ski pants
So I needed suspenders for my ski pants. Decided to go with something different and loud. Bought the bright lime green Carhartt suspenders. At first I thought that maybe the buckles would jamb too much in the backside when I would fall. Never an issue. In fact forgot I was wearing them! I most definitely recommend them to anyone.
Carhartt 45001 Dungaree SuspenderCarhartt Dungaree Suspender (#45001)

This is the second pair of Carhartt suspenders I've purchased. The previous pair were red, both very high quality and long wearing. Both are comfortable to the max. In the package suspender buttons are included and are useful for modifying a pair of pants to use this type of suspenders. I buy all of my pants from, their prices and customer service are top notch,
Carhartt 2221 Rancher BeltCarhartt Rancher Belt (#2221)

Reviewer: MurphyFam, Location: South Carolina
Comfortable belt
Belt is very comfortable. It is a thin leather belt I was expecting a thicker leather but seems to still be very good quality.
Carhartt 2202 Detroit BeltCarhartt Detroit Belt (#2202)

Reviewer: 38ford, Location: Tx, Occupation: Automotive restoration and maintanence
Best belt out there !
Im 6'1'' and 285 lbs and require a strong belt. Ive been using Carhartt belts for 30 plus years and have never had a failure. They look great and I can expect 4 to 5 years of use in my trade as they do get grease and oil on them , they will stretch some with age but I just punch a new hole and snug it back up. You wont be disappointed.
Carhartt 2204 Scratchless BeltCarhartt Scratchless Belt (#2204)

Reviewer: Amy1241, Location: Alliance, NE, Occupation: rail road laborer /commercial tire tech
Love this belt!
I bought this belt for my husband. I bought his pant size and it fits perfectly! The quality is wonderful. We have had issues with belts spliting and not lasting for very long, this belt is solid in construction and very durable. He is very picky, and he's loves this belt. He says it holds tight throughout the day, no more constant sinching tighter. He also loves the no buckle idea! He can wear the belt to work and not worry about scratching stuff up, and then come home and put our baby to bed and not scratch up her crib, which he has done in the past.
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