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Ball Cap
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Grey Carhartt Caps & Hats for Men

Carhartt offers a variety of both stocking caps and ball hats in grey. They are all made with premium materials and quality construction to ensure durability.

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Carhartt A18 Acrylic Watch Cap

113 Review(s)
Carhartt Acrylic Watch Cap
(Carhartt A18)
Reg Price: $9.99
NOW: $7.99
Heather GrayCoal Heather
Carhartt 100767 Maysville Acrylic Hat

14 Review(s)
Carhartt Maysville Acrylic Hat
(Carhartt 100767)
Reg Price: $11.99
NOW: $9.99
Coal Heather
Carhartt A202 Fleece 2-n-1 Headwear

84 Review(s)
Carhartt Fleece 2-n-1 Headwear
(Carhartt A202)
Reg Price: $16.99
NOW: $12.99
Charcoal Heather
Carhartt 100286 Buffalo Ball Cap

15 Review(s)
Carhartt Buffalo Ball Cap
(Carhartt 100286)
Reg Price: $14.99
NOW: $12.99
Carhartt A164 Winter Knit Hat With Visor

33 Review(s)
Carhartt Winter Knit Hat With Visor
(Carhartt A164)
Reg Price: $11.99
NOW: $9.99
Coal Heather
Carhartt A205 Acrylic Beanie Cap

23 Review(s)
Carhartt Acrylic Beanie Cap
(Carhartt A205)
Reg Price: $9.99
NOW: $7.99
Heather GrayCoal Heather
Carhartt 100773 Wetzel Acrylic Watch Cap

10 Review(s)
Carhartt Wetzel Acrylic Watch Cap
(Carhartt 100773)
Reg Price: $11.99
NOW: $9.99
Coal Heather
Carhartt A207 Fleece Beanie Cap

21 Review(s)
Carhartt Fleece Beanie Cap
(Carhartt A207)
Reg Price: $11.99
NOW: $9.99
Charcoal Heather
Carhartt A267 Helmet-Liner Mask

22 Review(s)
Carhartt Helmet-Liner Mask
(Carhartt A267)
Reg Price: $19.99
NOW: $16.99
Carhartt A204 Fleece Neck Gaiter

14 Review(s)
Carhartt Fleece Neck Gaiter
(Carhartt A204)
Reg Price: $11.99
NOW: $9.99
Carhartt 100779 Firesteel Acrylic Cap

5 Review(s)
Carhartt Firesteel Acrylic Cap
(Carhartt 100779)
Reg Price: $19.99
NOW: $12.99
Charcoal Heather
Carhartt A161 Face Mask

18 Review(s)
Carhartt Face Mask
(Carhartt A161)
Reg Price: $16.99
NOW: $12.99
Charcoal Heather
Carhartt 101598 Crestwood Cap                          Closeout
Carhartt Crestwood Cap
(Carhartt 101598)
Reg Price: $19.99
NOW: $12.98
Save 35%

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Recent Carhartt Men's Caps & Hats Reviews
Carhartt 101471 Bigelow HatCarhartt Bigelow Hat (#101471)

Reviewer: SPWIGGINS21, Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, Occupation: Pastor
One awesome cap!
This is one of the best sock caps I have ever owned. The wool lining inside the cap keeps my head warm and snuggles me like a brand new pair of socks feels around your toes! I can't see why anyone would not want this great Carhartt item in their apparel repitiore. Goes great with a Canyou Brown coat...
Carhartt 101468 Force® Lewisville HatCarhartt Force® Lewisville Hat (#101468)

Reviewer: Danno50, Location: Louisville, KY, Occupation: Aircraft mechanic
Lightweight, Great Warmth, Great Value!
This hat is very lightweight, you barely know it's on your head, yet provides a great deal of warmth. Due to the type of fabric, it also has great stretching qualities to fit most any size head, and covers the ears completely. Even so, it maintains its' shape and is easily cleaned. Also wicks moisture and dries quickly after doing so or being washed. A great product and great value for the price. Highly recommended!
Carhartt 101474 Oakhaven CapCarhartt Oakhaven Cap (#101474)

Reviewer: Cnyc212, Location: NYC, Occupation: Freelancer
OK But Not Great
The quality of the fabric is much better than recent versions of the iconic Carhartt Twill Hat. Although I would prefer the fabric to be a tad stiffer in order to hold its shape better. Logo design and stitching are well done but the front of the hat has a slight "slouch" look. I prefer a structured look. You can correct this though by wearing the hat higher on the head or even putting a thin handkerchief in the crown to add shape. Not the ideal Carhartt hat I was looking for but not bad enough to make me return it. Please bring back the older stiffer more structured models.
Carhartt 101194 Brandt Ball CapCarhartt Brandt Ball Cap (#101194)

Reviewer: KyCrafter, Location: Sandy Hook, KY, Occupation: Self-employed transcriptionist
Husband Loves This! Cool, Comfortable, Fits Well
Great quality on this cap. Husband wears it every day. Fits well and is cool and comfortable. Will be buying another one.
Carhartt 101199 Billings HatCarhartt Billings Hat (#101199)

Reviewer: stixx, Location: tucson , Az, Occupation: mait. tech
cool head
Use this hat at work. Overall fit is good. Its not shallow like a lot of hats , it comes down over top of my ears and keeps the sun off my head and neck.
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