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Carhartt Gloves for Women

Carhartt's women's gloves are made to last with premium materials and quality construction. Carhartt's women's gloves are made specifically to fit a woman's hand.
Carhartt WA683 Women's Sherpa Mitt

1 Review(s)
Carhartt Women's Sherpa Mitt
(Carhartt WA683)

Reg Price: $29.99
NOW: $24.99
Carhartt WA659 Ladies Dex II
Carhartt Ladies Dex II
(Carhartt WA659)

Reg Price: $25.99
NOW: $21.99
Carhartt WA679G Women's The Iris Xtra™

1 Review(s)
Carhartt Women's The Iris Xtra™
(Carhartt WA679G)

Reg Price: $29.99
NOW: $24.99
Carhartt WA547 Women's Work Flex Glove

6 Review(s)
Carhartt Women's Work Flex Glove
(Carhartt WA547)

Reg Price: $19.99
NOW: $16.99
Carhartt WA575 Women's Quilts Glove

7 Review(s)
Carhartt Women's Quilts Glove
(Carhartt WA575)

Reg Price: $21.99
NOW: $17.99
Carhartt WA679S The Iris
Carhartt The Iris
(Carhartt WA679S)

Reg Price: $26.99
NOW: $22.99
Carhartt WA581 Women's Knuckler Glove Closeout

2 Review(s)
Carhartt Women's Knuckler Glove
(Carhartt WA581)

Reg Price: $12.99
NOW: $9.99
Save 23%
Recent Carhartt Women's Gloves Reviews
Carhartt WA671 Women's PerennialCarhartt Women's Perennial (#WA671)

Reviewer: kaln, Location: white salmon, wa
Very unhappy with these
Maybe it's my fault for misunderstanding, but I was under the impression that these would be able to be work gloves. They are essentially gardening gloves and that would be fine BUT they would only even be good in completely dry conditions! They were 100% soaked the second I touched a wet surface (was tossing snow tires in to my truck) to the point that I took them off because it was just more uncomfortable to have wet, cold gloves on. I am SO unhappy with these gloves, I wish I'd bought them somewhere that I could return them for being so awful. Absolutely zero water-resistance. What is the point of a glove if it absorbs water like a sponge the second it touches water? Very disappointed in Carhartt on this one.
Carhartt WA575 Women's Quilts GloveCarhartt Women's Quilts Glove (#WA575)

Reviewer: CAC4U, Location: Maple Ridge, Canada
Quite happy with Gloves !
They keep my Hands warm. on Cold Days, and are comfortable to Wear !
Carhartt WA564 Women's Fleece Duck GloveCarhartt Women's Fleece Duck Glove (#WA564)

Reviewer: Dawni, Location: Dunkirk, Indiana, Occupation: Inventory Analyst and Farmer
Very Warm and true fit!
I love these gloves. I normally will not wear gloves very long. I usually have a difficult time handling things while wearing gloves. These gloves are fantastic and warm! Buy a pair and you will not regret it!
Carhartt WA547 Women's Work Flex GloveCarhartt Women's Work Flex Glove (#WA547)

Reviewer: Afterall, Location: Phoenix, AZ
Quick Flex
These are great gloves for average to light wear. By that I mean if you aren't doing anything too extreme where your fingers or hands would need extra protection. I have used them for gardening (got really dirty and was able to rinse most of the dirt off with the hose). They don't shrink when wet. I used them while picking citrus and was stabbed in my fingers by thorns a few times. I used them to move wood boards and that turned out fine. Not sure how they will last over time.
Carhartt WA583 Women's Soft Hands GloveCarhartt Women's Soft Hands Glove (#WA583)

Reviewer: 1happyshopper, Location: WA state
great gloves
Have small hands irs difficult to find gloves. I like the fit and feel of these gloves.
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