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Carhartt Knives

Carhartt Knives

No two Carhartt knives are exactly alike, and we think that's a good thing. Unlike mass produced products, each knife is shaped, honed, sharpened, and polished under the skillful hand and eye of an artisan to achieve a product that is both collectable and rugged enough for everyday use.
Carhartt 36342 Lightweight Lockback

1 Review(s)
Carhartt Lightweight Lockback
(Carhartt 36342)

Reg Price: $27.99
NOW: $19.98
Carhartt 36302 Trapper
Carhartt Trapper
(Carhartt 36302)

Reg Price: $69.99
NOW: $58.99
Carhartt 36300 Mid-Folding Hunter

1 Review(s)
Carhartt Mid-Folding Hunter
(Carhartt 36300)

Reg Price: $110.99
NOW: $80.99
Carhartt 36301 Trapperlock
Carhartt Trapperlock
(Carhartt 36301)

Reg Price: $118.99
NOW: $94.99
Carhartt 36304 Medium Stockman

1 Review(s)
Carhartt Medium Stockman
(Carhartt 36304)

Reg Price: $65.99
NOW: $47.99
Carhartt 36305 Hawkbill
Carhartt Hawkbill
(Carhartt 36305)

Reg Price: $75.99
NOW: $57.98
Carhartt 36306 Back Pocket
Carhartt Back Pocket
(Carhartt 36306)

Reg Price: $105.98
NOW: $80.98
Carhartt 36308 Small Texas Toothpick

1 Review(s)
Carhartt Small Texas Toothpick
(Carhartt 36308)

Reg Price: $61.99
NOW: $47.98
Carhartt 36309 Mini Copperlock
Carhartt Mini Copperlock
(Carhartt 36309)

Reg Price: $73.99
NOW: $59.99
Carhartt 36310 Peanut

1 Review(s)
Carhartt Peanut
(Carhartt 36310)

Reg Price: $61.99
NOW: $45.99
Carhartt 36312 Sowbelly
Carhartt Sowbelly
(Carhartt 36312)

Reg Price: $66.99
NOW: $50.98
Carhartt 36313 Mini Trapper
Carhartt Mini Trapper
(Carhartt 36313)

Reg Price: $64.99
NOW: $48.98
Carhartt 36314 Trapper

1 Review(s)
Carhartt Trapper
(Carhartt 36314)

Reg Price: $69.99
NOW: $50.99
Carhartt 36321 Trapper
Carhartt Trapper
(Carhartt 36321)

Reg Price: $67.99
NOW: $46.99
Carhartt 36322 Hawkbill
Carhartt Hawkbill
(Carhartt 36322)

Reg Price: $73.99
NOW: $59.99
Carhartt 36323 Copperlock
Carhartt Copperlock
(Carhartt 36323)

Reg Price: $74.99
NOW: $59.99
Carhartt 36326 Medium Stockman

1 Review(s)
Carhartt Medium Stockman
(Carhartt 36326)

Reg Price: $65.99
NOW: $47.99
Carhartt 36350 Lightweight Peanut

1 Review(s)
Carhartt Lightweight Peanut
(Carhartt 36350)

Reg Price: $34.99
NOW: $29.99
Carhartt 36372 125th Anniversary Knife Jewel Box

2 Review(s)
Carhartt 125th Anniversary Knife Jewel Box
(Carhartt 36372)

Reg Price: $164.99
NOW: $139.99
Carhartt 36371 125th Anniversary Shadow Box

1 Review(s)
Carhartt 125th Anniversary Shadow Box
(Carhartt 36371)

Reg Price: $330.00
NOW: $299.99
Recent Carhartt Gear Knives Reviews
Carhartt 36342 Lightweight LockbackCarhartt Lightweight Lockback (#36342)

Reviewer: CJ24, Location: Reno, NV, Occupation: retired
Very simple lightweight knife
Very simple lightweight pocket knife. Nice a sharp and perfect for carrying in my pocket or coat. I wished there was a loop for a carabiner or clip of some sort. Price is right.
Carhartt 36372 125th Anniversary Knife Jewel BoxCarhartt 125th Anniversary Knife Jewel Box (#36372)

Reviewer: Bart1947, Location: Pasco, WA
125th Anniversary Knife Jewel Box
Got this for our older grandson for Christmas and he was very pleased. Beautiful knife!
Carhartt 36341 Lightweight Mini Blackhorn®Carhartt Lightweight Mini Blackhorn® (#36341)

Reviewer: mtman55, Location: fontana ca, Occupation: teamster
not worth the money
the embossed logo on the handle is a sticker and it does not say carhartt on the blade like its says in the description
Carhartt 36324 Russlock Carhartt Russlock (#36324)

Reviewer: Kochman, Location: Northern Indiana
very good knife
I got this knife as a gift from my son...once I got use to opening the knife one handed I really like it...I have many pocket knifes and i'm always carrying this knife....Rugged knife..Holds edge very well....
Carhartt 36343 Lightweight Small LockbackCarhartt Lightweight Small Lockback (#36343)

Reviewer: Kenneth, Location: Melbourne, Australia, Occupation: QC Inspector
Had to Have It!
Didn't really need this knife but I just had to have. It's one of those male things I suppose. Got that much Carhartt stuff now I thought, why not? Like everything else, the quality is good and it doesn't take up any room in my pocket.
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