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Filson Luggage

Nearly indestructible, Filson Luggage is built to withstand continual use on the move under the most arduous conditions. Most Filson luggage comes in Tan or Otter Green.

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Filson 2003-BR Credit Card Wallet
Filson Credit Card Wallet
(Filson 2003-BR)
Reg Price: $85.00
NOW: $53.00
Filson 2012-BR Checkbook Cover
Filson Checkbook Cover
(Filson 2012-BR)
Reg Price: $90.00
NOW: $56.00
Filson 2008-BR Money Clip Wallet
Filson Money Clip Wallet
(Filson 2008-BR)
Reg Price: $85.00
NOW: $53.00
Filson 2026-BR Passport Wallet
Filson Passport Wallet
(Filson 2026-BR)
Reg Price: $125.00
NOW: $78.00
Filson 70260 Tote Bag without Zipper
Filson Tote Bag without Zipper
(Filson 70260)
Reg Price: $140.00
NOW: $120.00
BrownDark Tan
Filson 2004-BR Security Wallet
Filson Security Wallet
(Filson 2004-BR)
Reg Price: $52.00
NOW: $33.00

Selected Filters:

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Recent Filson Gear Luggage Reviews
Filson 223 Large Rugged Twill Duffle BagFilson Large Rugged Twill Duffle Bag (#223)

Reviewer: True49er, Location: South America, Occupation: Mining Engineer
Durable Bag
These Filson Bags are very durable and wear like iron. Easily strapped to the roof a car or thrown in the back of a truck. The Extra Large bag is too heavy for most people to carry when full, buy to large bags if needed.
Filson 257 Rugged Twill Large Briefcase/Computer BagFilson Rugged Twill Large Briefcase/Computer Bag (#257)

Reviewer: Jwf2, Location: tm, Occupation: National sales manager
My husband loved it.
My husband loved it. It is durable yet great looking.
Filson 220 Small Rugged Twill Duffle BagFilson Small Rugged Twill Duffle Bag (#220)

Reviewer: Accky, Location: Tokyo,Japan
Traditional toughness
It's charm of these goods that it's the shape which doesn't change from the past. And it's very strong and quite high quality. It would also suit various fashion.
Filson 222 Medium Rugged Twill Duffle BagFilson Medium Rugged Twill Duffle Bag (#222)

Reviewer: MrMT, Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Filson Duffle bag
A very high quality bag, made in durable materials. The bag can cope with any environment anywhere! The leather straps are comfortable even when loaded heavily!
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