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Light My Fire Sporks

Based in Sweden, Light My Fire specializes in outdoor accessories that are as practical in the city as they are in the wild. From making fires to eating meals - Light My Fire products have been taken to heart all over the world by both the backyard and the backwoods survivalist. Find out how they are revolutionizing outdoor/ on-the-go eating with an Original or Titanium Spork.
Recent Light My Fire Gear Sporks Reviews
Light My Fire 4000 Original SporkLight My Fire Original Spork (#4000)

Reviewer: CR73, Location: Tucson, AZ, Occupation: Engineer
Clever and useful!
I picked up a few of these just to see if they were worth it, and they are! They're very handy and are made with quality material. I keep one in my desk at work and one in my lunch bag.
Light My Fire 4030 Titanium SporkLight My Fire Titanium Spork (#4030)

Reviewer: DrSnuggles, Location: San Diego, CA, Occupation: Scientist
perfect to have at work
Spork has great quality and is perfect to have in work bag to reduce everyday lunch plastic waste!
Light My Fire 4000 Original SporkLight My Fire Original Spork (#4000)

Reviewer: Mike1004, Location: Weaverville, NC, Occupation: Retired
Sturdy, yet light weight. Great when you're on the move!
Very clever idea. Easy to pack. Great 3 in 1 tool.
Light My Fire 7326-4 Grandpa's Firefork 4-PackLight My Fire Grandpa's Firefork 4-Pack (#7326-4)

Reviewer: OsageAcres, Location: Tuscumbia, MO, Occupation: Management Analyst
Great product - made it easy & fun for the grandchildren and adults!
Loved Grandpa's Fork - so easy to use and adapts to any size of stick. The caps provide some level of safety so you can store them in a drawer and not worry about cutting yourself when you pull them out. The use of different colored caps also allows the kids to chose their own and to identify their stick from the others. I need to order more!
Light My Fire 4000 Original SporkLight My Fire Original Spork (#4000)

Reviewer: MBK31527, Location: Jekyl Island GA, Occupation: Shop Owner
Perfect for work
I purchased to use at work and so much better than utensils that come with takeout. And everyone knows it is mine so no confusion...unless they all purchase blue for themselves!
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