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Stanley Mugs

Stanley mugs will help get you where you're going. Built from BPA-free plastics as well as sturdy stainless steel, Stanley mugs and handle whatever you throw at them.
Stanley 10-00153 Outdoor Mug and Bowl 20oz/16oz.

2 Review(s)
Stanley Outdoor Mug and Bowl 20oz/16oz.
(Stanley 10-00153)
Reg Price: $15.00
NOW: $11.99
Stanley 10-01564 8oz Flask

2 Review(s)
Stanley 8oz Flask
(Stanley 10-01564)
Reg Price: $20.00
NOW: $15.99
Stanley 10-01427 Adventure XL Cold Bottle

1 Review(s)
Stanley Adventure XL Cold Bottle
(Stanley 10-01427)
Reg Price: $18.00
NOW: $13.99
Stanley 10-00465 Classic Mug 18oz.

2 Review(s)
Stanley Classic Mug 18oz.
(Stanley 10-00465)
Reg Price: $20.00
NOW: $17.99
Stanley 10-00763 Outdoor Mug w/Clip Grip 16oz.

1 Review(s)
Stanley Outdoor Mug w/Clip Grip 16oz.
(Stanley 10-00763)
Reg Price: $22.00
NOW: $17.99
Stanley 10-01566 Large Recycled Camp Mug 16oz

1 Review(s)
Stanley Large Recycled Camp Mug 16oz
(Stanley 10-01566)
Reg Price: $9.00
NOW: $6.99
Stanley 10-01040 Nineteen13 Travel Mug 16oz. Closeout

25 Review(s)
Stanley Nineteen13 Travel Mug 16oz.
(Stanley 10-01040)
Reg Price: $12.00
NOW: $6.99
Stanley 10-01021 Nineteen13 eCycle Mug Closeout

1 Review(s)
Stanley Nineteen13 eCycle Mug
(Stanley 10-01021)
Reg Price: $15.00
NOW: $11.98
Recent Stanley Gear Mugs Reviews
Stanley 10-00153 Outdoor Mug and Bowl 20oz/16oz.Stanley Outdoor Mug and Bowl 20oz/16oz. (#10-00153)

Reviewer: Kreegs14ers, Location: Denver, CO, Occupation: Teacher
This mug is so much more than JUST A MUG!
sure it keeps things warm but the inner cup works great for a measuring cup. After a snow camping adventure, my son (28 yrs old) asked if he could keep his. I said sure and now am replacing my extra one! GREAT PRODUCT.
Stanley 10-01427 Adventure XL Cold BottleStanley Adventure XL Cold Bottle (#10-01427)

Reviewer: JamesR, Location: Salem, OR, Occupation: Route driver
Bottle actually made for cold drinks
Very high quality, well insulated cold drink bottle. Keeps cold drinks cold for many hours. Screw on cap is retained in swing away bracket. Can't be misplaced. Finger hole handle is tough enough to hold the bottle while drinking. Still fits on my cup holder too.
Stanley 10-00465 Classic Mug 18oz.Stanley Classic Mug 18oz. (#10-00465)

Reviewer: PTOT, Location: Tyler Texas, Occupation: Therapist
Keeps drinks warm
Only down fall is doesn't fit in cup holder. Keeps liquids warm. Doesn't spill. Excellent product.
Stanley 10-01564 8oz FlaskStanley 8oz Flask (#10-01564)

Reviewer: 102H, Location: Lexington, KY, Occupation: Firefighter
Everyone needs a good flask
This flask has classic look of the old Stanley thermos bottles my grandfather used when he worked for the railroad. Doesn't leak, a little challenging to fill but a funnel fixes that. A great product. I bought a half dozen for Christmas presents, and every one who received one was thrilled!
Stanley 10-00153 Outdoor Mug and Bowl 20oz/16oz.Stanley Outdoor Mug and Bowl 20oz/16oz. (#10-00153)

Reviewer: Clwaters00, Location: Buford ga, Occupation: Construction worker
Fantastic! Use it everyday
This is a wonderful mug. I use it everyday for drinks or soups. Love it!!
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