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Stanley Vacuum Bottles

From your desk at work to a tent in the woods, Stanley mugs will keep your drink of choice at the desired temperature for several hours, making them the ultimate in drinking convenience.
Recent Stanley Gear Vacuum Bottles Reviews
Stanley 10-01289 Classic Vacuum Bottle 2.0 qtStanley Classic Vacuum Bottle 2.0 qt (#10-01289)

Reviewer: BG9747, Location: Greeley, CO, Occupation: Operations Manager
Stanley continues the legacy of qaulity
As with all Stanley products, this one performs as well as the old ones I have. Keeps coffee hot until I get home at night.
Stanley 10-01032 Classic Ultra Vacuum Bottle 1.4 qtStanley Classic Ultra Vacuum Bottle 1.4 qt (#10-01032)

Reviewer: bstar, Location: Sayreville, NJ, Occupation: Retired - Babysit my grand daughter
Keeps Coffee Hot
Bought for my son-in-law who had an aluminum thermos but smashed it in a car accident and then said it didn't really keep the coffee hot for long. He mentioned a Stanley thermos and said some of the guys he works with had them and coffee stayed very hot for a long time. I went on the Internet and ordered him one as a surprise and he uses it every day and loves it!!!!!!
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