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Yeti Cooler Accessories

There are many ways to alter your Yeti Cooler once you have it. Get the dividers, baskets, cushions, wheels and many other accessories that fit your model.

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Recent Reviews
Yeti DVS65 Tundra 65 Short DividerYeti Tundra 65 Short Divider (#DVS65)

Reviewer: Hogghead, Location: Longview TX, Occupation: Locomotive Engineer
Yety Devider
Works great. I like that it keeps bagged ice on one side and beverages on the other. No Digging
Yeti DVS50 Tundra 50 Short DividerYeti Tundra 50 Short Divider (#DVS50)

Reviewer: Spidy, Location: Mineral Point, Occupation: Woodworker
It's a great divider, but it fits too tight in the cooler slot
I tried getting the divider in the cooler, but stopped short of that before it getting too tight. I don't think I could have gotten it in without damaging the cooler. Being a woodworker, I was able to modify the divider so that it fits great. I'm not sure that would be acceptable to most people. This is just a heads up to the company making them. Great product for a great cooler, just needs a little modification.
Yeti DVS3545 Tundra 35 & 45 Short DividerYeti Tundra 35 & 45 Short Divider (#DVS3545)

Reviewer: RanchWife, Location: Oakdale, CA, Occupation: Camper
Too expensive
Could have found and cut to size a plastic cutting board and it would be better. This one blocks ice but not water. The Yetti chests are great but they over charge for the 'accessories' ! Save money and frustration make your own divider.
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