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Yeti Cooler Accessories

Yeti Cooler Accessories

There are many ways to alter your Yeti Cooler once you have it. Get the dividers, baskets, cushions, wheels and many other accessories that fit your model.
Yeti TD Tie-Down Kit

46 Review(s)
Yeti Tie-Down Kit
(Yeti TD)

Yeti TRHL Handles - 8"

11 Review(s)
Yeti Handles - 8"
(Yeti TRHL)

Reg Price: $15.99
NOW: $12.99
Yeti TRHM Handles - 6.75"

21 Review(s)
Yeti Handles - 6.75"
(Yeti TRHM)

Reg Price: $19.99
NOW: $9.99
Yeti TRHS Handles - 6"

21 Review(s)
Yeti Handles - 6"
(Yeti TRHS)

Reg Price: $13.99
NOW: $9.99
Yeti YLB Lock Bracket

149 Review(s)
Yeti Lock Bracket
(Yeti YLB)

Yeti YMZ Molle Zinger

50 Review(s)
Yeti Molle Zinger
(Yeti YMZ)

Yeti YTRH Rod Holster

45 Review(s)
Yeti Rod Holster
(Yeti YTRH)

Recent Reviews
Yeti YICE4N2 ICE 4lb -2CYeti ICE 4lb -2C (#YICE4N2)

Reviewer: Oel1342, Location: Florida
Works as it is supposed to.
It came "free" with the cooler, so an added bonus. Great job Dungarees. Will shop again.
Yeti CT65MAX4 Tundra 65 Camo Seat CushionYeti Tundra 65 Camo Seat Cushion (#CT65MAX4)

Reviewer: Hogghead, Location: Longview TX, Occupation: Locomotive Engineer
Yeti 65 Seat Cushion
As everyone knows Yeti sets the prices and these things are expensive. However, It seems to be very well made and not that hard to install. Some are complaining about it holding moisture while using it as a seat in the rain. I have no intention to use it that way so I'm good. This will make a wonderful seat for get-togethers and anywhere else an extra seat would be needed. Also the SeaDeck can stay on and this installed over the top.
Yeti DVS65 Tundra 65 Short DividerYeti Tundra 65 Short Divider (#DVS65)

Reviewer: Hogghead, Location: Longview TX, Occupation: Locomotive Engineer
Yety Devider
Works great. I like that it keeps bagged ice on one side and beverages on the other. No Digging
Yeti YPCL Security Cable Lock & BracketYeti Security Cable Lock & Bracket (#YPCL)

Reviewer: HKMP5, Location: Central ohio, Occupation: retired
Comes in camo too.
I use these python cable locks for my trail cams. they work great and you can get them for $19.99 at sporting goods stores.!
Yeti DVS50 Tundra 50 Short DividerYeti Tundra 50 Short Divider (#DVS50)

Reviewer: Spidy, Location: Mineral Point, Occupation: Woodworker
It's a great divider, but it fits too tight in the cooler slot
I tried getting the divider in the cooler, but stopped short of that before it getting too tight. I don't think I could have gotten it in without damaging the cooler. Being a woodworker, I was able to modify the divider so that it fits great. I'm not sure that would be acceptable to most people. This is just a heads up to the company making them. Great product for a great cooler, just needs a little modification.
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