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For over 125 years, Carhartt has created and manufactured premium work clothing known for exceptional durability, comfort, quality of construction and fit that you can feel in the fabrics and see in the performance.
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Top Selling Carhartt for Men

Carhartt K87 Workwear T-Shirt 1

579 Review(s)
Carhartt Workwear T-Shirt
(Carhartt K87)

Reg Price: $17.99
NOW: $14.99
Save 17%
Carhartt K84 Short Sleeve Workwear Henley 1

212 Review(s)
Carhartt Short Sleeve Workwear Henley
(Carhartt K84)

Reg Price: $19.99
NOW: $16.99
Save 15%
Carhartt B151 Canvas Work Dungaree Fit Pant 1

271 Review(s)
Carhartt Canvas Work Dungaree Fit Pant
(Carhartt B151)

Reg Price: $48.00
NOW: $39.99
Save 17%
Carhartt K195 Short Sleeve Logo T-Shirt 1

32 Review(s)
Carhartt Short Sleeve Logo T-Shirt
(Carhartt K195)

Reg Price: $19.99
NOW: $16.99
Save 15%

Recent Carhartt Product Reviews

Carhartt 61-2236 Oil Tan Rodeo WalletCarhartt Oil Tan Rodeo Wallet (#61-2236)

Reviewer: Nune, Location: San Antonio, Texas, Occupation: Retired Army
Love this wallet
I got this wallet as soon as it came out. I'm a big fan of carhartt and rodeo wallets, so it was a must have. Unfortunately I also have a Labrador, who is not only my retired bomb dog, but a general hooligan since he retired and came home for good. Needless to say, the dog won the chewing war and now my wallet is dead. RIP. I will replace as soon as I can. Fortunately nothing was damaged(drivers license, CC license). Thankfully I did not have any money in my wallet, as I am married with 5 kids and haven't seen cash money since 1997. Sad day.
Carhartt K126 Long Sleeve Workwear Crewneck T-ShirtCarhartt Long Sleeve Workwear Crewneck T-Shirt (#K126)

Reviewer: DMFT, Location: Maricopa AZ, Occupation: Construction
Great Buy
Great fit fast delivery great price great product, very durable shirt
Carhartt 100610 Lumberport Ripstop Relaxed Fit PantCarhartt Lumberport Ripstop Relaxed Fit Pant (#100610)

Reviewer: TheGorilla, Location: California, Occupation: Electrician
Good pant, needs some tweaks
I'm a commercial & industrial electrician by trade. I've worn these pants for about a year. Here's my this thoughts: + The ripstop knees and cuffs on the legs are great: that's what wore out first on my double knee dungarees. + The top loading double knees for knee pads are genius, don't know why it took this long to figure out. + The utility pockets are well though out. Unless you're a southpaw, I suppose. + The snap attach utility pouch is great, but you may need a bit of customization depending on how you tool yourself out. - The only color is . . . Black? Seriously?!? It's a hot (temperature) cool for outside work. And it fades. For $XX.xx, Carhartt should offer more options. - They seem to shrink when washed? - The mechanic's pockets are on the shallow side. As is the ticket pocket. - The beltloops are tight on a leather Carhartt belt: you can't double up the belt tail after the buckle. All in all, I'd buy them again. (I have four pair.) Is there a perfect pant for everyone? No. Is this a perfect pant for me? No. But, they are really good pants.
Carhartt B151 Canvas Work Dungaree Fit PantCarhartt Canvas Work Dungaree Fit Pant (#B151)

Reviewer: Bohica, Location: Michigan
Nice alternative to jeans
The inseam tends to run a little long, I normally wear 32" length and it's closer to 33" which now is to long so now the two pairs of pants must be shortened, still not a deal breaker but for the price you would expect accurate lengths
Carhartt B151 Canvas Work Dungaree Fit PantCarhartt Canvas Work Dungaree Fit Pant (#B151)

Reviewer: TimF, Location: Southern, IL, Occupation: tree trimmer
Great Product
Great product, holds up well to me working in them hard.
Carhartt 101545 Force Extremes™ Short Sleeve T-ShirtCarhartt Force Extremes™ Short Sleeve T-Shirt (#101545)

Reviewer: RangerRN, Location: Little Rock, AR, Occupation: RN
RN approved
I am a nurse in the Largest hospital in Arkansas, I am running from the minute I get here, until I sit in the car to head home. I have tried all other types of shirt, these feel cool even when I am not. the look and feel great. Could not ask for better.
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