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Check out Carhartt's new and improved Kid's line. Now complete with Infant, Toddler and Youth sizes. New items include onesies, sets, t-shirts, jackets, pants, bibs and more!
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    Carhartt CB8905 Kid's Acrylic Watch Hat  1

    11 Review(s)
    Carhartt Kid's Acrylic Watch Hat
    (Carhartt CB8905)
    Reg Price: $8.00
    NOW: $6.99
    Save 14%
    Carhartt CK8344 Denim Dungarees Pant - Boys 1
    Carhartt Denim Dungarees Pant - Boys
    (Carhartt CK8344)
    Reg Price: $26.00
    NOW: $21.99
    Save 18%
    Carhartt CM8601 Washed Duck Bib Overall - Boys 1

    10 Review(s)
    Carhartt Washed Duck Bib Overall - Boys
    (Carhartt CM8601)
    Reg Price: $54.00
    NOW: $44.99
    Save 20%
    Carhartt CA8279 Logo T-Shirt - Boys 1

    1 Review(s)
    Carhartt Logo T-Shirt - Boys
    (Carhartt CA8279)
    Reg Price: $16.00
    NOW: $11.99
    Save 33%
    Carhartt CM8609 Washed Duck Bib Overall - Boys 1

    9 Review(s)
    Carhartt Washed Duck Bib Overall - Boys
    (Carhartt CM8609)
    Reg Price: $30.00
    NOW: $22.99
    Save 30%

    Recent Carhartt Product Reviews

    Carhartt CP9456 Redwood Jacket Sherpa Lined - GirlsCarhartt Redwood Jacket Sherpa Lined - Girls (#CP9456)

    Reviewer: CalFlan, Location: Menominee, MI
    Carhartt is always good quality
    Adorable coat. Great quality at great cost from Dungarees. My only issue with the coat itself was that the length is a little shorter than expected. I think it will last for a year or two as long as my daughter doesn't grow too tall too fast.
    Carhartt CP8492 Camo Lined Logo Fleece Sweatshirt - BoysCarhartt Camo Lined Logo Fleece Sweatshirt - Boys (#CP8492)

    Reviewer: Major125, Location: Kernersville NC, Occupation: sales/custmer service
    problem within a week
    I bought this carhartt hoody for my nephew on his birthday. A week later I asked him how he liked his jacket. He said that the zipper pull came off. He noticed it when he went to go out for recess. I was disappointed since I had decided on the more expensive jacket of the two I had narrowed down to buy.
    Carhartt CP8430 Active Jacket - BoysCarhartt Active Jacket - Boys (#CP8430)

    Reviewer: Amberchanel, Location: Alberta, Canada, Occupation: Miners
    Durable, great for throughout the year
    I have purchased these coats for all three of my children for the last 3 years. They are durable, great quality and the children can wear them throughout the year. They run a tad on the larger size but I perfer that as the kids grow so quickly anyhow. These are great gifts as well and I highly recommend this product.
    Carhartt CM8648 Work Camo Bib Overall Quilt Lined - BoysCarhartt Work Camo Bib Overall Quilt Lined - Boys (#CM8648)

    Reviewer: Nana1015, Location: Lachine, Michigan, Occupation: Cook
    This Product was everything I expected and more !
    The Bibs I ordered for my Grandsons are perfect ! Fit well, well constructed and I received them in three days !!!! Will definitely order from Dungarees again.
    Carhartt CM8609 Washed Duck Bib Overall - BoysCarhartt Washed Duck Bib Overall - Boys (#CM8609)

    Reviewer: DocGrover, Location: Kiel, Germany, Occupation: M.D., emergency medicine
    Like Father, Like Son
    I've been wearing Carhartt around the yard and in my spare time for quite a while and have always loved the quality and durability of their clothing. When our youngest son war born about a year ago, it wasn't any question that he had to get a pair of Carhartt bibs as well. What can I say - he looks great in them, and even tough the little guy is around on his knees much of the time, they don't show much sign of wear so far. Great pants! Too bad, Carhartt hasn't realized that there's a great market for quality kids clothes outside the US and doesn't sell them here in Europe. On the other hand, I always enjoy the great service and competitive prices Dungarees offers...
    Carhartt CM8647 Washed Denim Bib Overall - BoysCarhartt Washed Denim Bib Overall - Boys (#CM8647)

    Reviewer: krjlc, Location: Iowa
    Very big variance between sizes.
    All in all it was a very poor experience buying these bibs. I got my grandson a size 8, and they were huge on him---very long and baggy, so I returned them, tags STILL on for a size 7. The size 7 was barely long enough and he will probably outgrow them soon, plus they charged me to retag the ones that I sent back, even though I did not remove any tags that came on them. I had to pay shipping to get the first pair, then shipping to return them and more to retag them, and then shiipping to get the new ones. They ended up being very, very expensive bibs that he probably won't get to wear very long.
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