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Carhartt CH120S Billings - Gray Lens with Gray Frame 1

1 Review(s)
Carhartt Billings - Gray Lens with Gray Frame
(Carhartt CH120S)
Reg Price: $3.70
NOW: $2.85
Save 30%
Carhartt 100321B Legacy Standard Work Pack 1

5 Review(s)
Carhartt Legacy Standard Work Pack
(Carhartt 100321B)
Reg Price: $69.00
NOW: $59.99
Save 15%
Carhartt 100550 Duck Dog Bed 1

34 Review(s)
Carhartt Duck Dog Bed
(Carhartt 100550)
Reg Price: $59.99
NOW: $49.99
Save 20%

Recent Carhartt Product Reviews

Carhartt 36311 Mini Copperhead Carhartt Mini Copperhead (#36311)

Reviewer: DKinNEPA, Location: North East, Pa, Occupation: Fruit farmer
Love the size and appearance
I love the size and looks of this knife. It's not bulky to carry in my pants pocket for any occasion. I just hope I leave it at home when I travel! It's a bit pricey largely because it's a Case knife. The sale made it more affordable. I am always glad to support local US industries like Case located near by In Bradford, Pa. I was bit surprised that I bent the tip of the knife doing some wood trimming on a drawer I was fixing. I thought the Case xxx on the knife meant it was exceptionally strong, (triple heat treatment). I would have thought it would have snapped before bending. Regardless, I love the knife. You always want a good sharp knife in your pocket on the farm.
Carhartt 100550 Duck Dog BedCarhartt Duck Dog Bed (#100550)

Reviewer: Travis69, Location: Nashville, TN, Occupation: Payroll Coordinator
Great Dog Beds
I've learned not to buy any other beds for my dogs than the Carhartt bed. These beds are very durable and last more than five minutes like other dog beds. The only problem is that my dogs like to drag the beds around the yard. Sometimes the beds will get caught on something and rip. The rip results in the stuffing getting ripped out. These beds have a different stuffing than most beds, not the stuffing that is in most dog toys. I think that is one reason my dogs don't rip them apart.
Carhartt 101511 125th Anniversary Duck ApronCarhartt 125th Anniversary Duck Apron (#101511)

Reviewer: Mimi07, Location: South Carolina, Occupation: Administrative
Carhart Shop Apron
This is an excellent product, very well made. I would recommend this item.
Carhartt 36343 Lightweight Small LockbackCarhartt Lightweight Small Lockback (#36343)

Reviewer: StonewarePotter, Location: Speedway, IN, Occupation: Stoneware Potter
Just Perfect
Small. Very light weight. Very sharp. Ready for most cutting tasks if you can remember it's in your pocket. Not flashy. Excellent value. Just Perfect.
Carhartt 101511 125th Anniversary Duck ApronCarhartt 125th Anniversary Duck Apron (#101511)

Reviewer: DocGrover, Location: Kiel, Germany, Occupation: M.D. - emergency medicine
Great apron for the shop
I'm doing a fair bit of woodworking in my spare time and have been looking for a good apron for this matter for quite a while - couldn't find anything here in Europe. Eventually, I came across the Carhartt anniversary edition and ordered it right away from Dungarees. What can I say - the shopping experience couldn't have been more pleasurable, the apron is exactly what I had expected it to be- Carhartt just can't be beat. And now with the apron being on sale, it's an even better deal.
Light My Fire 392410 Serving SporkLight My Fire Serving Spork (#392410)

Reviewer: BAMBAM, Location: Piedmont North Carolina, Occupation: Self employed / retired
With the purchase of every spork should come a cooler / lunchbox.
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