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Recent Carhartt Product Reviews

Yeti YT35 Tundra 35 CoolerYeti Tundra 35 Cooler (#YT35)

Reviewer: CampingNut, Location: Georgia, Occupation: retired
Love the new color on Yeti' the powder blue and love it!
This size keeps ice even better than the large one that we already owned. This is a perfect size for someone that needs an "average" size. It does not take up much space in our Rv and love the features.
Yeti TBS Tundra Basket 35/45Yeti Tundra Basket 35/45 (#TBS)

Reviewer: geeman, Location: SE TN, Occupation: Govt
Great fit
Fits my Yeti 45 perfectly, great construction. Very pleased. I have two of these for my cooler. Great for keeping certain food items off the ice AND for increasing storage space inside.
Carhartt 100550 Duck Dog BedCarhartt Duck Dog Bed (#100550)

Reviewer: Jge2, Location: Pennsylvania, Occupation: farmer
Best dog beds I have ever had!
The Carhartt dog beds live up to their name in durability. I have working stock dogs and these beds hold up better than any other dog beds I have purchased. Used in kennels or in the house they are durable, washable and long lasting.
Carhartt 100550 Duck Dog BedCarhartt Duck Dog Bed (#100550)

Reviewer: sarjeben, Location: Ohio, Occupation: Government Employee
This product is very durable for those dogs who like to destroy their beds.
I have five English Bulldogs and one Jack Russell Terrier and have purchased four of these dog beds (Duck Dog Bed #100550). The beds are big enough that two of my dogs can lay on one bed comfortably. My dogs have destroyed every dog bed I've ever bought for them until this one. They have tried to destroy this one but have not been successful because the canvas duck material is too strong and durable. I highly recommend this dog bed for those who have dogs like mine who like to destroy their beds.
Carhartt 100550 Duck Dog BedCarhartt Duck Dog Bed (#100550)

Reviewer: SERK, Location: Northern MI, Occupation: Retired
Typical Carhartt Durability
This bed has been parked in front of the fireplace since we bought it with two Chihuahuas laying on it soaking up the warmth. It will be used out on the deck as soon as the weather breaks. I'm sure this will outlast several generations of our breed of dog.
Carhartt 100550 Duck Dog BedCarhartt Duck Dog Bed (#100550)

Reviewer: Shorthairca, Location: Ont Canada, Occupation: Retired
excellent dog bed
have had a lot of dogs and dog beds in my life time this is by far the best dog bed i have ever purchased I would for sure buy this bed again
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