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Kid's New Carhartt Fall 2014 Styles

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Check out the new Carhartt Fall 2014 line. Carhartt has added features to make products better and more durable, as well as, developed brand new clothing to help you adapt to your ever-changing work environment.
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Carhartt JA637 Junior Duck Mitt
Carhartt Junior Duck Mitt
(Carhartt JA637)
Reg Price: $25.00
NOW: $21.25
Carhartt JA635 Junior Camo Mitt
Carhartt Junior Camo Mitt
(Carhartt JA635)
Reg Price: $25.00
NOW: $21.25
Carhartt CA8390 Camo Bodyshirt
Carhartt Camo Bodyshirt
(Carhartt CA8390)
Reg Price: $18.00
NOW: $13.99
Carhartt CA8424 Western T-Shirt
Carhartt Western T-Shirt
(Carhartt CA8424)
Reg Price: $16.00
NOW: $11.99
Carhartt CA8438 Camo Sweatshirt
Carhartt Camo Sweatshirt
(Carhartt CA8438)
Reg Price: $34.00
NOW: $28.99
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