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Exotac 001540

Exotac tinderTIN Splinters

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•  Diameter:3.20"
•  Height:0.90"
•  Net Weight:1.06oz
•  Gross Weight:2.5oz
•  Made in the USA
•  Fatwood comes from pine tree stumps that contain a large amount of resin. It lights quickly, burns hot, and is wind and moisture tolerant. Our Fatwood is 100% natural and grown right here in Georgia, USA. It is recovered from the lumber industry as waste and repurposed as the tinderTIN™ fire-starting materials. Carry one of our fatwood tinderTIN™ with you, and you'll never be without easy-to-light tinder.
•  Tip: Stack the fatwood splinters log-cabin-style to increase the available oxygen. Light the thinnest portion of the splinter: typically the end of the splinter where it is sharpest.
•  Imported
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