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Stanley 10-00167

Stanley Overtime Food Jar 20oz.

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This leak-proof food jar will keep your chili or soup warm all day. Featuring an extra-sturdy build, it'll keep your food intact until you're ready to dig in.

•  "Anti-Roll" sturdy design: Stays put, won't roll.
•  Vacuum insulation: Keeps hot/cold 12 hours.
•  Wide-mouth opening: Fills and cleans easily.
•  Protective double-wall construction: Takes a beating and still performs.
•  Insulated lid: Doubles as a 12-oz. bowl.
•  Leak-proof stopper: Locks it in. Turns + pours from front/back.
•  Stainless steel outer wall: Durability where you need it.
•  Leak proof
•  BPA free
•  Lifetime warranty
•  Imported
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